Welcome to Charles of Laguna, Charles Wigs.

We specialize in exquisite eastern European hair. Being an atelier, we customize your color, cut and fit. Or, we may have a ready-to-wear that perfectly suits you perfectly.

Aside from the distressing thinning-with-age or medically related hair loss, more women are discovering the many benefits of wearing hair. Such as never having to have a bad hair day or finally having her dream hair.

Wigs, top pieces, ponytails, buns and bangs are great time savers whether you are a new mom with no beauty regimen time (and as a bonus, you

can stay away from hair color during pregnancy), or perhaps you’re a passionate traveler who wants to

look chic on the go, or on an extended vacation, no worries about color touch-up. Maybe it’s your hairdresser who’s on vaca. You’re covered with your custom colored top piece.

How about the man in your life?

We have as many male clients as we do women. They love our discreet environment. We make a mold or template of each client’s hair loss pattern and either custom order a hair system with color matched swatches, percentages of grey and  customized density and texture. Or, we customize a ready-to-wear stock piece which we may alter by customizing color, cut and fit for the client. 


Call us today for an appointment.* Your self-image will be forever changed. 949-494-8775.

*$65 consultation fee if no hair purchase. When hair purchase is made, fee is complimentary.